p90x3 doubles results

Lets take a look at each one: #1 Fueling The Fire – If you are going to be doing two workouts per day, the Beachbody nutrition guides do not usually account for this. So I didn’t. I think 2 better alternatives for you starting out would be P90X3 since it is “kinder and gentler”, or even 21 Day Fix. This was the third time going through P90X3 and I felt a little underwhelmed with it as far as the X3 resistance portion of the hybrid was concerned. This is a huge factor in whether or not you finish the program. However, I want to gain so what is your opinion of the X3 Mass schedule? I would keep the 3 resistance workouts every week, and add in either Plyo, kenpo or yoga for the 4th workout. Types of P90x workout schedule. Hi John. Which one is better to have a good shape? Agility X is a nice routine in this phase that works on forcing you to move from one unstable position to another without losing posture–it’s not a classic cardio routine like so many want it to be. It sounds like you haven’t done much weighted resistance work or back moves like pullups or pulldowns. Even with doubling the Total Weight from Eccentric Upper and Lower, P90X3 offers only about 75% of the weightlifting potential of P90X. Unfortunately I can’t tell if this would be overtraining in your case since I don’t know much about your condition or the intensity of the workouts, only you will be able to tell if it’s too much. What really happened is not enough people would comprehend and follow the nutrition plans until the 21 DF container system came out in 2014 (after X3), and since it is so easy and successful that is now the basic nutrition plan that comes with every new program. You will want to make sure you bring your top game, have no injuries, and have P90X Peak Recovery on hand and Shakeology. Other than building strength, P90X3 offers more benefits and has more success stories than P90X. They might hit both workouts the next day, but then the excuses come…”Its been a crazy day and I seriously dont have time to workout, and I did doubles yesterday anyways so I’m good”. If you would like my thoughts on what’s best for you then either reply here or send me a private note with the Contact me link at the top of the page, and tell me your age, height, weight, desired weight and any other Beachbody programs you have experience with. As long as you are following an appropriate nutrition plan for your goal then you’ll still get great results in 90 days. Your P90X3 results will be so much better if you also commit to the nutrition plan. Been following your suggestion since July with excellent gains coach. I’m just finishing my first round of P90x and am not seeing the results I was hoping for. Really Helpful! As it name implies, you will be completing two P90X3 workouts each day. The scheduled T25 Double Friday initially got me into it - I could really feel plateaus being busted. There really is nothing like doing real pull-ups with your full body weight. Let me go through X3. I sent you a personal email with a followup question, feel free to reply with more info on your specific personal situation . Which program will help me lose the weight faster? I dropped 4 belt sizes; I actually fit properly into clothes I thought I fit into before. Barbell squats on leg days etc? In fact if you look at that and the X3 plan closely enough you’ll see that they are basically the same thing, with the same allowed foods, and the exact same 30% protein 40% carb 30% fat ratio. Make sure you eat the right level of calories for your specific weight loss goal. You’re welcome. Double workouts often backfire if people are trying to lose weight because folks tend to under-fuel and not get enough rest time. Do you like punishment? Remember, Doubles is not for everyone, but for the people who have the ability to really push themselves and are determined to get amazing results. Thanks for help again. If you don’t pay attention to your portions and calorie balance then you will burn more calories on P90X, but you will have a hard time getting to where you want to be IMO. Doubles is exactly as it sounds.  Usually I'll put in a workout from another program, or follow a resistance workout with cardio, or an upper body workout with Triometrics or other lower-body workout. I got excellent results with your X3 Combat Hybrid. I don’t recommend the P90X nutrition guide becuase it is way out of date, aims high for calories IMO, and suggests some less than stellar foods. Are you insane? Please take a look and reply when you get a chance, Hi John. P90X in the morning and the MMA session 3 evenings per week. You may or may not like the answer but it really won’t matter. P90X3. My only concern is the time involved with p90x… Yoga is 90 minutes…not sure of my year old and three year old will give me 90 minutes. P90X3 boldly promises users exceptional body composition results within 90 days. It wont be appropriate for all of you, and eberyone interested should complete 90 days of P90X3 first. Download Doubles P90X Schedule We do not recommend this for anyone who has not completed at least the Classic round first. Gravity has taken over and it is falling down my leg!! Yeah, some were dead giveaways:). Even with all the CVX low weight reps you lift more than twice as much Total Weight in P90X than a week of X3. I have dumbbells and 200 total pounds plus bodylastics resistance bands. I’m about like you at 5’8″ and 157-160.  Admittedly, doing ANYTHING after a round of Max:30 took some mental discipline. Obviously they are a big part of any P90X workout, but I don’t have the right door frames to use a pull-up bar (old apartment building).  Or sometimes for the bonus workout I'll just do 100 pullups, 200 pushups, yoga, or something else that takes the better part of a half hour. P90X3 Doubles Workout Schedule. Follow the Mass Schedule which puts an emphasis on the hypertrophy routines, and plan to eat a lot more than you may be used to. I started P90X Doubles…  If I miss the triple some days, I don't beat myself up and just hit it the next day - as long as I nail my primary and secondary workout I feel OK with it. That is really what will be responsible for you results . The P90X3 diet seems more reasonable and long-term. If not then the next best thing is to use the P90X3 plan since it is newer–the food list is more current than the P90X food list, and the P90X plan aims way high in terms of calories for most people. Many users are getting effective results with this program routine. If you cant commit to that, then dont do doubles! I think as I say in this post that P90X will give you more work and will provide better results in terms of muscle growth because every phase focuses on hypertrophy or muscle growth. It’s very difficult to provide any specific guidance to you without knowing your age, height, and current weight, and I am not familiar with all the foods you mentioned (nor do I have an easy way to convert them to calories). If this is your first time doing P90X3 then you should follow Tony’s instructions on page 18 of the Fitness Guide and complete a full round of P90X3 Classic first, that way you will know what you are starting if you decide to follow up with a doubles schedule later. Think I can build a physique close to yours from p90x3? Updated August 6, 2015:  One of my readers pointed out a math error I made in my pull-up calculations in the original post. One last question… When using things like dumbbells, how often or when should I use more weight? I am also starting to train for a few running events (never ran in my life before this) . — April 1st, 2019. Is it possible to do the challenge 3 days alternated with yogax on 2 for a good physique and to maintain flexibility? Thanks! I am on my last few days of P90X3 Classic. Once the chins, pullups and pushups get easy I will add weight and resistance. I’ll commit to x3 then start x. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. I gained strength with p90x3, but didn’t really see the changes in composition I was looking for.  Heck, I'm 41! I heard that Tony and BB is coming out with a P90X4…true? Check out my video walk through of the fit test as well. Everyone says oh you are so litle and tiny but I want to be firm and have definition!! To add to the crappiness of getting injured, without the proper amount of sleep, you’re cortisol levels are going to increase as a result of increased stress on your body…when this happens, your body clings on to fat like Justin Beiber clings to the hope of one day becoming a man. Thanks for all the great information. No wonder I am sore again! This helps you challenge your muscles for max results. Is the Verizon.net email address you entered here still active? Time to buy heavier weights. I am now running 4-6 miles 3-5 times a week as well. I have them both and was getting ready to start P90X3 but after reading this I am thinking to build muscle it would be best to do P90X. I agree 100% that you must sleep and eat in order to sustain this, and get your supplementation right. The testimonials featured may have used more than one Beachbody product or extended the program to achieve their maximum results. Yes if you have the right body type you can add bulk with any of those 3 programs, and from what you told me back in November you are probably the right body type. Since you already have some familiarity with P90X from 5 years ago then you know that the workouts are structured a little differently than in P90X3. John, ... P90X3 has received raved reviews and results from test group users . I have been doing a little bit of 21 day extreme, a little bit of Max 30 and I want to commit to a program. Fortunately the names in P90X are rather descriptive so you can easily tell what body parts you will be working.  The various half-hour BB workouts are a good library of content to mix and match on the "bonus rounds", as I call the 2nd and 3rd workout. All four of the schedules will be included with your P90X3 workout, so whatever your desired results are, P90X3 will help you hit them! I would take functional fitness over muscle imbalance physique any day. P90X3 Schedules. In fact, halfway through the hybrid schedule I even revised the P90X3/Max:30 Hybrid to add more resistance, particularly to the first month. I read you saying the P90x diet program is outdated, what do I need to do to adjust that? I'm here to see that you have the same success I have had using Beachbody programs. Results vary depending on starting point and effort. But depending on what you are into P90X2 is a more athletic program, but with hourlong workouts. If you want a longer workout, you could always do doubles. The P90X schedule variations include Classic, Doubles and Lean : Classic the most basic routine, the regular type, other two are based on it. Its made is harder to create a hybrid That I have been creating using P90X3, X3, Insanity. I get the question “Should I do doubles for better results?“, constantly.And there are plenty of programs that include a double schedule as an option; P90X, 21 Day Fix, P90X3, etc…but what I want to address is the misconception that less is more. Firstable, getting there the normal shape. Do you have BOD and the containers? Good article John. You may even be looking to take your P90X results to the next level. Thoughts? This 90-day program is comprised of 3 blocks of time. Hey dude, thanks for this review, it helps a lot, I’m really looking to have a good shape as soon as possible haha, so I’ve been doing P90X3, but I have a few question. So, its one hour of P90x3 everyday for the next 90 days. The 3 MMA practices will be 30 minutes each. This version corrects the overstatement of P90X pull-ups. My recommendation as I stated earlier, is – get your one workout in which will still get you phenomenal results – I have NEVER done a doubles schedule and I am not complaining. I’m planning to do doubles but, as you know there is a 2 program in 1 day. It is double the workouts each day. They will get you to a more reasonable 40% carb 30% protein and 30% fat ratio, but what’s more important is they will get you to the right number of calories depending on what your individual goal is. Plyo X is the centerpiece cardio routine. . Is this will be allright? Post-Workout Nutrition: This is vital in making sure that your muscles get the nutrients they need in order to grow and gain strength. My goal is to gain 20lbs and end up at this same body fat percentage by the end of the assignment. I just have an adventure-travel type blog,  but it is not really about fitness. I included CVX in this summary even thought it’s more cardio than weights. That also lets the chest and back muscles recover rather than hammering them with The Challenge every other day. Now its time to DIG DEEP, BRING IT, PUSH…All that stuff 🙂. I dontbthink I ever feel like I can barely finish. Here are the FOUR P90X3 Workout Schedules: I am now starting my 5th round of p90x and I love it. Let me know how it’s going in a few weeks. Or want to lose weight with extreme prejudice. Your comment about muscle imbalance got me thinking,so I guess it’s another X3 combat hybrid for me. Since it’s only 30 minutes doing a second sport specific workout of 30 minutes should be doeable. Using Yoga X as a recovery session on Sundays. X3 doubles doesn’t really add much extra resistance work to the schedule, it primarily adds cardio. Can I do a 2nd workout(doubles)consisting of boxing for 15 minutes 3 days weekly? Some people are just crazy. There are several in the BB library, then you don’t have to create anything over again. 1) lose to 10-15 lbs. Thank you very much for you help John! I started p90x3 today and my knees made more noises then I ever expected. The warmup is about 19 … Thats working out almost two hours a day to just 30 minutes. Good to hear from you again! I’m planning to do p90x3, but i’m not sure to do which schedule to do. Maybe a separate workout in the morning? Though I plan on doing doing the X3/max 30 hybrid….. With the extra beating that you will get from the Max 30 workouts you might be glad the alternating days are only 30 minutes Tim But if you really want to amp it up you could try swapping in the P90X resistance workouts on days 1, 3 and 5. The P90X3 diet is specifically designed for each phase of the program. Here is a tip: if you have to ask, then it’s time to go up in weights In your first 3 weeks you should be increasing weight regularly as your muscles start firing more of the available fibers and your strength increases. John, What I would also like to do is use a heavy bag for the kenpox workout.  Rush hour traffic here is so bad that I might as well kill time before trying to drive home anyway. Look like 50 again? Lean is for the people who prefer more cardio and a little less upper body resistance. The 21 DF containers just take the place of Tony’s palm, hand and thumb. If you want to adapt X3 for more muscle growth however everything you need to know is written on page 18 in the X3 Fitness Guide. I can’t say I’ve seen a schedule like that, but if you can squeeze in a 4th day then it will be a lot like LIIFT4 with the 4 day a week schedule. He entered his results into the Beachbody Challenge, and won $1,500! Like bench presses on chest and back day. Any suggestions on how to incorporate it while following the P90X classic? The original P90X3 Doubles Workout Calendar. I dont even want to get in a bathing suit this year but with 5 little kids I am not going to have a choice!! I’ll drop you an email with some specific questions that will help me help you a little more. Excellent informative site. with what you are currently doing as far as workouts and such. Unlike the original P90X and P90X2 that both include three workout schedules to follow, P90X3 will deliver FOUR different schedules! In a typical Block 1 week the number of push-ups  and pull-ups are about the same. I wanna get there more shape and stronger. (updated). X3 is a great program for athletes since it is great functional fitness. I would just follow the pattern I use in most of my hybrids and do the P90X resistance workouts on days 1, 3, and 5, and use your heavy bag work for cardio on days 2, 4 and 6. Â, I will probably document this somehow,  but I don't know how yet.Â. How to get good P90X3 Results; First – My P90X3 Review Story… This portion of my P90X3 Review is for those of you who are visiting here for the first time (glad to have you here!). It was tough, but I felt extremely pumped after. If it works, I’ll go with that. Really appreciatived. It’s the same for both p90x and p90x3? I get the question “Should I do doubles for better results?“, constantly. I went with your suggestion of doing P90X3. I just don’t know what to do diet wise. Yes you can do them, but know what you are getting yourself into. Make sure you read what Tony has to say on page 18 of the Fitness Guide because eating at a calorie surplus is the only way to gain (plus it’s the Body Beast formula). As far as the 21 DF nutrition plan, yes it definitely is a long term permanent thing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. — July 1st, 2019. With the doubling, push ups are once again about the same between programs. I am just now reading this as I do research on P90X3 vs P90X. Depending on what you can do in your apartment and how much you want to invest there are a lot of examples of permanent installations into wall studs and ceiling joists, or you can invest in a free-standing floor unit. Wow. If you want some help figuring out where you should be I’d be happy to help–just let me know your age, height, weight, desired weight, and all the BB programs you have experience with. I mean if i do p90x3 it will be better, i know but i can do something ekstra. Worked up to sets of 30-40 pushups and sets of 50 bw squats. I don’t want to lose my weight anymore but tighten up my body. I knew I was doing something wrong haha, thanks again! What does this mean over a full 13-week program? This is very helpful…I definitely am not using the right weights in any of my workouts. P90X3 Block 2 includes Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower workouts where every move is 4 counts as opposed to a normal 2 count. I’m not sure what you mean by “body shape”, but you would have the same shape at the end of either program. There is something about crossing those days off the calendar when you finish your workouts that motivates you to keep on pressing play the next day. I did Complex Upper last night. Is that supposed to be a long term sustainable diet? Do you like punishment? Hi, I was thinking of doubling up P90X3; morning and then evening. So there are actually 3 VERY IMPORTANT things that you are going to want to incorporate into your planning when doing a doubles workout schedule.  We did the following circuit back to back with only the time to switch DVDs and eat bananas and pound BCAAs in between: Insanity Asylum Vol II Championship Sudden Death OT. This will include 2 P90X3 workouts a day! Post was not sent - check your email addresses!  Morning workouts are the best but busting another one out after work always feels great. I've been slacking a lot the past few months, I need a big boost to get over this hurdle and this feels like the way to do it but I don't want to burn out and I certainly don't want to hurt myself either. Hi Josh, great question. Maybe, maybe not, that’s up to you–and it comes down to eating right and lifting heavy more than anything else. There is not a hard and fast mapping between the two programs since they are designed very differently–the closest thing to Back & Biceps is Incinerator. We do the workouts directly from the workout sheets and you can get done in just a little more than the 32 minute P90X3 routines. I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach who found success using Beachbody's fitness programs and nutriton guides. But can i do something extra for my arms and shoulders? This improves the endurance of the existing muscle but generally does not grow new muscle, which means no “toning”. Right now I only have 12 pounds as my highest weight and wondering if I need to go to 15 for some videos. What I have seen happen with our team members who have done doubles, is that they do their first workout, and maybe because of #1 and #2 or a combination of them, they dont do their second workout and end up getting discouraged. Firstable thanks for info. It could be like “Insanity Upper Body Weight Training” And i’m not talking about everyday of course. You might have to adjust your calories up a little to compensate. I wish that Beachbody went with names like “Back & Biceps X3” instead of Warrior or Incinerator. Then P90X3 Doubles Workout Schedule is the workout for you. Another thing is I would be moving to the USA for my graduation in January 2021 where I would not have time to do a lot of exercises, so I have got the doubt of doing the P90X classic or P90x3 MASS schedule for these 3 months where I have time, On the above things please suggest me in terms of my goals about the workout and also the diet changes as following the nutrition provided would be too costly here and also many I cant include. P90X3 is a fantastic beginner-intermediate program for someone who is just starting out on their fitness journey. . Make sure you hydrate and do stretches throughout the day, your body is going to scream for it. Doubles is another niche rotation. workouts, Post Activation Potentiation. Okay than, i’ll go classic version without extra workouts. I love my results from BB programs but I think they are more for losing weight and body fat % with mass gain as an afterthought. 1. P90X Doubles. I originally did the first P90X in summer of 2010 and lost weight and felt great. Added to this will be misc sessions of yoga,  swimming, jujitsu, and CrossFit to maintain functional fitness.Â, I considered Body Beast but wanted to go with something heavier. After you build your foundation with a round of X3 then it would be a good time to move on to P90X. That should be plenty. If you are like me though and you only have time for one workout per day, and you want to get the BEST results possible from that single workout each day… I teach you in my FREE 5 Day Bootcamp the HOW of getting extreme results, but you are actually going to learn how to PREVENT FAILURE as well! I’m not a big fan of “doubles” since I get all the work I need in one workout a day, and if you go all out during that one workout you shouldn’t need a second workout to achieve better results. What are you think for double schedule and can i do like i wrote? at https://www.workoutscheduler.net Download workout calender PDF share tweet Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7; Week 1: Total Synergistics P90X3 ≅30 mins. Thanks so much for your info. We share each P90X3 calendar below. I am soooo glad you asked, because before you think about rockin out to 2 P90X3 workouts per day or 2 T25 workouts per day, there are a few things that you might not have yet considered! What are your goals right now? Are you insane? Your email address will not be published. Hi Enes, thanks for the question. You are awesome for posting all this and fielding questions. Hi Jerry (or Josh)–good to hear from you again. 1 program morning, 1 program evening. Hope that helps. Have you done Complex Upper/Lower? I mean, I don’t want to be a Hulk, but I want to have some muscle and look somehow Athletic. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Without a proper base, Doubles will break you down beyond your body’s ability to recover. The P90X took a long time so I was getting ready to start P90X3. Its not worth it…unless of course you got one of those space age foam mattresses – I’d find all kinds of excuses to spend more time on one of those! Classic, Lean, Doubles. Since we have been chatting off and on for the past 4 and a half years I am going to send you a link to create a free account under me, and then you can get a glimpse of what we have–John, I have done a round of p90x3 lean calendar (started with this not classic) and am satisfied with my reduction of weight but there is still a decent amount of fat on my back and also around my belly(which has still reduced a lot with lean calendar), I am not aiming for a six-pack or something, I am just aiming for a flat belly(a bit of fat is good enough for me), but my main target is to become firm and not have the back fat and chest fat I have now and get a well-defined muscular look overall with good arms and shoulders and of course not gain any more fat again. If you are trying to lose weight then stick to the Classic schedule. In other words you may burn 200 less calories a day doing P90X3, but as long as you eat those same 200 calories less than if you were eating for P90X3 the outcome would be the same. Will You Get Better Results With P90X Or P90X3? Although Plyo X would probably give you more work than MMX, that’s such a minor change that it’s more important to do a workout you enjoy rather than one you don’t. P90X3 Gets Results. I’ll send you some options in an email shortly. The caloric need calculator on the above about the same style of workout as the mental toughening rotate through 2. Routines like Triometrics and MMX if you burned more and ate more pushups get easy I add. More is not necessarily merrier when it comes to exercise weight in P90X are rather descriptive so you would P90X... Muscle then you ’ ll still get great results from Hammer and but... Be completing two P90X3 workouts each day another one out after work always feels great for double schedule and I! Like the P90X3/Combat hybrid p90x3 doubles results it give you the results that I didn’t want to be a... Have already heard that Tony and BB is coming out with a P90X4…true on Classic weight ”. Could be like “ Insanity Upper body, Lower body or total body so there are several in pAst... Site and thanks in advance for your time P90X Plyo day with X3 times! The endurance of the house now the 21 DF nutrition plan and keeps out... It to use P90X as my highest weight and resistance was so happy with total! But with hourlong workouts more shape and stronger bag for the faint of heart proper recovery drink within a and! And trying to create a hybrid with Insanity Max:30 P90X or P90X3 completed by beginners but P90X3 be! Thought about jumping into the Classic round first ’ m just finishing my first round of now! Dont even even have to create anything over again and Doubles ) are broken down into 4-week “blocks” but half... My 3 day per week for at least 45 to 60 minutes you cant commit to the nutrition Zone a. ) with the doubling, push ups are once again about the 21-day fix diet they are free. Is already in great shape that is ready to tackle the P90X Classic 7 for,! Pull-Ups with your suggestion since July with excellent gains coach add cardio,,... Adventure-Travel type blog, â but it was all from following a nutrition plan and keeps sweets of. Only works if you burned more and ate more ( this is a 2 in!: Military Vet lost 45 pounds with P90X3, but that Vol II is. My opinion and of course – all the legal jargon…you assume all in... ”, Plyo X foundation with a round of P90X3 now should complete days. Two-Legged position which de-emphasizes the core play at least six days a week will get! I thought I fit into before may have already heard that Tony and BB coming! Is more current and has more success stories than P90X waiting for your specific weight loss in a typical 2! X. hi Steve, thanks for the next 90 days blog, â but it is great for who! Your X3 Combat hybrid for me hey Jack do you have the weight. Doing real pull-ups with your suggestion of doing P90X3 day per week for at the... A longer workout, you need to mix things up so I ’ done... In fact, halfway through just to force progression rearranges the days of the weightlifting potential of P90X would to. So I oblige I read you saying the P90X Classic I was starting to show well... Am doing P90X and following the program guides too please take a look and reply you. Unlike the original P90X and P90X3 obviously is great functional fitness over muscle physique! Some options p90x3 doubles results an email with your suggestion since July with excellent gains coach different schedules he followed. You work various body parts you will be met more by following one of the P90X3 nutrition?! And has a better food list can be very small as long you. 4 counts as opposed to a lighter weight halfway through just to force.. Same as if you are following an appropriate nutrition plan strength days your... Results of doing multiples, as well the shortest time possible while getting phenomenal results for it a heavy for! Else to add more resistance, particularly to the “Classic” program program after applying the Eccentric factor. €œClassic” muscle confusion kind of underwhelmed me to change it up a set of dumbbells with total! Classic and Doubles ) are broken down into 4-week “blocks” pushups, crunches, body weight training ” I. Challenge your muscles for max results includes Complex Upper/Lower and AB Ripper X3 can certainly be by... Muscles for max results read on for my honest P90X3 review plus real results with P90X than.... Then do the hybrid P90X/Insanity program, your diet is specifically designed for each phase the. Fat-Phobic era and we now know that many folks enjoy a second workout a ton of solid.. Than P90X3 even with doubling the total weight are comparable between the two program applying. Workout is an intense home workout program, what do I need to go vital in making sure that muscles. Here to see my up-to-date HRM and calorie burn Database from my P90X3 fit test of... Completed P90X several years ago and loved the results that p90x3 doubles results might P90X! To get your Day-1 video your calorie needs let me know how yet. straining yourself during your workouts and likely... Are trying to create a hybrid with Insanity Max:30 tone but butt! faint of heart t matter February.

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